Coral Echinacea

Coral Echinacea

Coral Echinacea provides perfect care of our immune system during seasonal viral infections. It tones and helps fight disease by harmonizing all internal bodily functions.

The product is a

Key Benefits
The product boosts the immune system and has an adaptogenic effect; it improves general health condition and has anti-inflammatory properties.

This supplement is also an antioxidant.

Take one capsule two times a day with a meal.

Echinacea boosts immunity by increasing the activity of leucocytes and macrophages, and by improving production of the protein interferon that plays a special role in immune response.

Active ingredients of Licorice root regulate immunity and have anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic effects.

Andrographis paniculata increases a non-specific immune response and curbs proliferation of viral cells.

Eleuthero improves physical and mental performance and boosts general resistance to adverse environmental affects.

Zinc as a trace element is directly involved in optimization of the immune system.

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Bio Kurunga

Bio Kurunga

Bio Kurunga is a natural symbiotic dairy product made of cow’s milk that contains a wide range of beneficial microorganisms. Bio Kurunga contains Lactic and Acetic acid bacteria, Lactococcus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium, and yeast.

The product helps restore intestinal microbial flora, boosts the immune system, improves performance, and acts as a wide-spectrum tonic.

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Key Benefits

This product has beneficial effects on the composition and biological activity of the digestive tract’s microbial flora. It normalizes gastrointestinal tract functions by reducing bloating and the feeling of heaviness.

This dietary supplement improves digestion and absorption of food while it is boosting the immune system and normalizing metabolism.


Chew or dissolve under the tongue 4-6 tablets a day between meals.


Kurunga – is an ancient fermented milk drink that very popular among many ethnic groups. Bio Kurunga is a unique product that originates from the Buryat’s national fermented milk drink.

Milk has a reputation of being one of the most beneficial and nutritious food products. It contains a complex of vitamins and enzymes that improve one’s immune status.

Bifidobacterium are responsible for a non-specific resistance in a human body and are an essential component of normal intestinal microbial flora. These bacteria are responsible for the synthesis of certain vitamins, amino acids and proteins. Bifidobacterium prevent penetration of pathogenic microbes and toxins into internal environment of the human body.

Lactic acid bacteria are another significant part of intestinal microbial flora. They produce lactic acid, and acidic environment that inhibits growth of numerous pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Lactobacillius improve metabolism and help boost immunity.

The product has a general detoxifying effect and is an excellent tonic; highly recommended for exhaustion and anemia. This supplement helps prevent the development of allergic reactions.