Coral Mine

What is Coral-Mine?

The main product of Coral Club is Coral Mine – natural product made in Japan of deep-sea coral –¬†Scleractina which is living near the islands of Okinawa and Tokunoshima in the Sea of Japan.¬†Scleractine coral powder contains calcium, magnesium and sodium. Coral Mine is designed to enrich water in these minerals. Calcium is supporting right blood coagulation and work of digestive enzymes. Magnesium contributes in decrease of feeling weariness. Additionally calcium and magnesium together helps keeping our bones and teeth healthy and supports correct work of muscles.

Natural environment of coral.

 Coral Mine


How to use it?

It is really simple. A Coral Mine is packed in sachets and all you need is just to put it into water.

Coral Mine


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