Combination Eleven

Combination Eleven

Combination Eleven was developed by specialists for maintaining prostate health and as a dietary supplement to accompany prostate treatment at the early stages. A balanced set of phytocomponents improves microcirculation in the pelvic area and reduces venous stasis.

Key Benefits

This product helps prevent inflammation of the reproductive organs and urinary system.

The supplement has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has diuretic and antispasmodic effects.

It improves blood circulation in the pelvic area and improves general overall condition.


Take one capsule daily.


Cayenne pepper has long been known for being beneficial in cases of ED (erectile dysfunction). It supports male health and stamina due to improved blood circulation and increased blood flow to pelvic organs. It is also known to increases urine output.

Marshmallow has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and antispasmodic effects. It is traditionally used to improve the inflammatory condition in the bladder and kidneys, and to relieve pain associated with an enlarged prostate.

Juniper berries have a high content of essential oil that enhances diuresis, restores functions and energy metabolism in kidney cells, and helps relieve the body of excess water and sodium.

Ginger Root is beneficial for male reproductive system, improve libido, supports reproductive function, and normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs.