Coral Alfalfa

Coral Alfalfa


“Coral Alfalfa” has a unique composition. It improves overall health by stimulating the immune system and boosting vitality.

It contributes to the neutralization and removal of toxins, normalizes digestion, and has beneficial effects on digestion. Added alfalfa juice concentrate increases the efficacy of this supplement.

“Coral Alfalfa” serves as a natural source of flavonoids, amino acids, and minerals.

The product is a

Key Benefits

• supports overall health and performance;

• has antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties;

• prevents hemorrhages and bleeding, promotes healing;

• promotes elimination of uric acid salts, relieves gout due to diuretic properties (the effect is boosted by added calcium)

• is beneficial during intense exercise, helps to maintain the fluid balance in the body.


Take two tablets two times a day with a meal.


Among all plants, alfalfa has the highest content in both micro- and macro- elements: iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, silicon, and fluorine.

At the same time it helps solve all five objectives of naturopathy: it helps detoxify, helps correct problems and improves performance of the digestive system, boosts immunity, enhances adrenal glands function, and normalizes hormonal metabolism.

Alfalfa has an exceptional ability to modulate an immune system. It is neither boosting, nor suppressing it, but rather making it function in a balanced manner.

Amino acids, flavonoids and organic acids of alfalfa improve the absorption of calcium. The presence of calcium ions in the product increases solubility of uric acid thus helping to flush it out of the body