Coral Taurine

Coral Taurine

Taurine is a highly bioactive amino acid that is necessary for overall health. It can be deduced by the fact that taurine is found in almost every vital organ of the body, regardless of a person’s age.

Sources of taurine are entirely of animal origin (meat, eggs, milk, fish, and seafood). In the human body, taurine is a derivative of another amino acid called cysteine, and its synthesis significantly decreases with age. That is why vegetarians and people over 40 should take measures to maintain their taurine levels.

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Taurine is important to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

It helps to calm the nervous system and lowers anxiety.

It is beneficial for nourishment of eye retina.

It helps to increase stamina.

It helps to digest food and metabolize fat.

It improves skin hydration.

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