SuperBerry Bar

SuperBerry Bar

SuperBerry Bar is a healthy treat from Coral Club. SuperBerry Bar will charge you with energy, vitality and high spirits as it supports your immune system with necessary vitamins.

This bar contains only natural ingredients, without any artificial colors, flavor enhancers or preservatives.

Exceptional berry flavor for adults and children!

Perfect Nutrition Program

Key Benefits

Boosts energy level; improves digestion and metabolism.

Helps maintain healthy immune and cardiovascular systems.

It is an effective antioxidant.


This health food bar is beneficial for the entire family. It is essential for those leading an active lifestyle of high physical or intellectual activities. This supplement also helps to achieve weight loss goals.


Cashew butter and flax sprouts are rich in minerals, proteins, sugars, fiber, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids. They improve metabolism and normalize blood cholesterol. In addition, flax sprouts are known for their ability to flush out toxins.

Rice contains a highly beneficial protein and an essential set of minerals and vitamins. It has a highly beneficial effect on metabolism and on the nervous system. Rice curbs excessive appetite and helps normalize digestion.

Dates, raspberries and strawberries contain fructose necessary for maintaining strength, normalizing blood pressure and a level of blood sugar. They are rich in vitamins and flavonoids.

All of the ingredients in SuperBerry Bar have antioxidant effects. They are highly beneficial for a healthy metabolism, immune system, nervous system, and digestion.