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4 STEPS TO HEALTH with Coral Club

Coral Club has come up with the concept of four basic STEPS TO HEALTH which guarantee a long and active life full of positive vibes.

Step 1: Stay hydrated

Water is the source of life on our planet. Quality water, meanwhile, is a basic tool that helps restore and improve our health. Water is essential to every cell in our body throughout our life.

Coral Mine
At birth, the newborn’s body is made up of more than 80% water, while the adult human body – up to 70%. The center of our intellectual thought – brain – consists in 90% of water and is very sensitive to dehydration. With age, body water content falls down to 60-65%, making aging nothing but our body losing liquids, both extracellularly and intracellularly.

Standard physiological liquid intake is 30-40ml/kg of body mass per day. Water is very important for our body, and it’s already been proven that all metabolic processes occur in the aquatic environment. Blood, lymph, intercellular fluid and intracellular fluid, saliva, sweat, gastric juice, bile, urine – they are all water with dissolved mineral salts in it. A constant liquid level and solid concentration of electrolytes in their composition help maintain the balance between water and electrolytes inside the body, ensure proper transport of nutrients to all cells, increase energy deposits, contribute to the rapid removal of waste and speed up recovery.

HydraCel – mineral concentrate that improves the properties of biological liquids
Only water that structurally resemble the intracellular structure can hydrate every cell of the body and stabilize the functioning of all physiological processes. On the other hand, the water we drink on a daily basis is structurally foreign to our body. Sodas, alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea and juice in boxes, which we consume every day in large quantities, contain scenters, colorings, various additives and sometimes even contribute to water loss rather than its absorption. As a result, they often distort the balance between water and electrolytes in our body. The first signs of dehydration involve a constant feeling of thirst, fatigue, increased heart rate, increased body temperature, cardiac arrhythmia, pain in joints and muscles, dry skin, damaged hair and nails.

This is why consuming right amounts of high-quality water is one of the most vital conditions for the proper functioning of our body, and thus preserving and maintaining good health. Products such as Coral-Mine and HydraCel may help us in dealing with this challenge – they enhance physical and chemical properties of water, enrich it with complex minerals and vitamins necessary for the proper functioning of many vital organs and systems in our body, and they also help us maintain the acid-base balance, having in turn a positive effect on our body as a whole.

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