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Step 2: Cleanse your body

Colo-Vada Plus – deep body cleansing. Parasites, toxins, metabolic waste (deposits) – they are all significant and serious issues that are often neglected! If you still think that this problem doesn’t concern you, it’s time to look at the facts: according to the WHO (World Health Organization), almost 75% of the population on Earth is infected with parasites, regardless of the standard of living! These statistics hold true for both developing and highly developed countries.

ParaFight – formula against parasites of the gastrointestinal tract.
Following the same source: nearly 80% of all diseases can be caused not only by parasites, but be a consequence of poisoning of our body by metabolic waste through ingestion of low-quality foods, chlorinated tap water, poisonings caused by fumes or as a result of hypokinesis. These factors are the reason why our body accumulates a large amount of aggravating and toxic substances that negatively impact our health. It has been found that an adult human intestine may contain up to 20kg of harmful deposits, while a baby’s intestine – up to 10kg.

Coral Black Walnut – nutritional supplement against parasites
Metabolic waste and toxins cause severe disturbances in metabolic processes and redox reactions. They also inhibit the production of energy necessary for the proper physical and mental performance of our body, create favorable conditions for rapid proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, weaken our nervous, endocrine and immune system, affect absorption of vitamins and trace minerals – all of which may potentially give rise to serious diseases.

Lax-Max – mild laxative regulating bowel movements
Even without apparent symptoms of diseases, our body functions intermittently and not at full capacity, having trouble to cope with a disease on its own. This is when one resorts to drugs which will undoubtedly help, but might as well cause side effects in the case of irrational intake.

Considering all these facts, it’s worth to perform preventive deworming and body cleansing twice a year in order to restore better health. And what better way to do it than by using Coral Club natural products.

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