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Step 3: Take care of good nutrition

H-500 – protection against free radicals. Proper and quality nutrition is undoubtedly necessary to maintain our health in good condition. It allows for optimal physical and mental development, provides high performance of our body and helps it resist unfavorable factors. Coral Cat’s Claw – strengthen your immunity.

Unfortunately, the fast pace of modern life, combined with scientific and technological progress, have fundamentally changed our eating habits as well as the quality of our food. We eat a lot, convinced that in this way we can provide full nutrition to our cells. Experts argue that many today’s food products contain the so-called. “empty” calories. And here we are, wanting our body to work harder, better, longer … on “empty” calories!

Pau D’Arco Selenium – strengthens your body’s immunity. The current state of food products poses a threat to our body. The products we eat grow on sterile soil and processed chemicals, having a low nutritional value and lots of calories at the same time. Their calorie content (fats, salt and carbohydrates) is very high: French fries, potato chips, hamburgers – up to 570kcal in one portion (30g of trans fats), various types of sweets – more than 150kcal, topped with additives and artificial colorings .

Coral Echinacea – strengthens your immune system. Consumption of these “dead” foods results in: obesity, atherosclerosis, heart disease, shortness of breath, decreased resistance to infections, fatigue, low vitality.

FanDetox – improves your lipid metabolism, protects your liver

This is one of the reasons why we have been witnessing an increased popularity of biologically active food additives recently. They enter our lives very quickly and bring about substantial benefits, filling in the gaps in our diet and significantly boosting our quality of life.

Step 4: Protect your body


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