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Step 4: Protect your body

Coral Lecithin – comprehensive nutritional supplement necessary to foster good health. The lifestyle promoted by today’s world comes with a price: we rarely use organically pure products, we drink poor-quality water, we breathe polluted air, we use synthetic medications and we are exposed to electromagnetic radiation – and all this under constant stress.

Coral Alfalfa – complex of micro- and macronutrients. Alongside food, our body receives several antibiotics, hormones and stimulants which are used to stimulate growth and increase weight of animals. The air itself contains over 40,000 different chemical substances. High chlorine content in drinking tap water is one of the most active carcinogenic elements that doubles the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease and liver disease, and contributes to the development of chronic diseases as well as premature death.

Omega 3/60 – polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3. The WHO research on natural environment indicates that over 65% of all health problems of modern man are associated with the external environment. Environmental factors, even at low impact, may lead to serious distortions of health, especially among less immune groups such as children, seniors, people suffering from chronic diseases or pregnant women. Children are additionally exposed to a higher level of risk. Recently we have been witnessing increased incidence rates among young children: every child gets ill no less than three times in the first year his or her life. This tendency can also be observed among young people aged 14 and older.

Spirulina Tablets – 100% active spirulina. Doctors are more often noticing low growth, weak backbone structure, muscle hypoplasia, emaciation, hormone deficiency in the developing body and delayed puberty among young people. This is alarming since, after all, children are future adults whose health is going to determine the health of their own children. So, how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the face of an unfavorable environmental situation? Coral Vanilla Shake – isolate and whey protein concentrate.

Currently, there are many natural and safe preventive measures that help our body resist the destructive effect of external and internal factors, as well as protect its vital organs. Coral Kelp – wealth of iodine and vitamins.

Coral Club International recommends these products. Using them in your everyday life will increase your energy, strengthen your immunity, protect your body against various infections, ensure rapid recovery after illnesses and diseases, and enhance your endurance and performance.

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